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Guardian of the Throat Chakra

The Guardians of the Throat Chakra sing their wisdom for us all. Originating from pure ether, their songs carry like angelic melodies from the skies. They dance upon the clouds, offering their gifts. Heralds of truth, they infuse our atmosphere with reminders to use our voices. When we share our thoughts and feelings with clarity and confidence, we honor our inner power. When we listen to others with compassion and mindfulness, we open doors to greater understanding.

Their divine messages encourage our self-expression and thoughtful communication. Like a bold trumpet or gentle flute, we vibrate to the energy around us. Voicing the ballads of our souls exposes our creative magnificence. When we trust and act upon our inner knowing, we give wings to our highest potential.

These Guardians inspire us to honor our imaginations. With pure acceptance, they invite us to declare our ideas, opinions, and heartfelt passions to others. Each of us carries unique perceptions and sentiments. By sharing the sweet melodies within us, we enrich the overall collective and help harmonize the world.