The Story of the guardians

The 18 Guardians were born from pure love, based on the 18 chakras of the body. They act as inspiration and hope for all of humanity. As messengers of truth, their united mission is to spark our awareness of eternal oneness and light. With ethereal beauty and the potent energy of each corresponding energy center, their essence reaches into our senses to enliven and deepen our infinite knowing. 

The Guardians come to us like muses for our souls. We might find them dancing in twilight skies, soaring on sweet summer winds, or swimming through the velvet layers of time. Their magnificence invites us to remember our inner power. Their radiance mirrors our radiance. Their wisdom kindles our own.  The 18 Guardians took 9 months to create and are hand-designed by our world-famous artist, Chelsea Evenstar. Each Guardian has its own unique color combination and healing soundtrack, containing a blend of the 12 solfeggio music tones (scientifically proven to heal your body, mind, and soul), guided feminine and masculine meditations, and creative stories written by Christina Mercer.

Moved by the everlasting breath of life, the Guardians never cease in their heartfelt mission. As a way to expand their love and healing messages for the world, each Guardian will guide an entire family of 333 Healers to assist them, which will be hand-created by Chelsea Evenstar and fellow artist Regina Wamba. They will be released over time for a grand total of 5994 Healers. These 18 families—each corresponding to their Guardian’s chosen Chakra—joyfully share their exquisite beauty and inspiration to help us reclaim our innate healing powers. By rejoining with the sound and light of truth within us all, we raise our vibrations and bask in the pureness and oneness of creation.


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