The Healing Journey

​​Here at the Global Healing Society, we understand that the human condition plagues us with traumas both in this reality and maybe lifetimes before. We all carry anxieties, thoughts, depressions, physical ailments, and traumas that can hinder the human experience from being the truly incredible journey it’s meant to be. The Global Healing Society is on a mission to change that by creating a healing plan for each individual through The Guardians of the Chakras by joining their healer families.  

The Mission

The Global Healing Society brings to you a luxury collectible NFT project like no other. This collection of 18 male and 18 female uniquely crafted Chakra Guardians, each with a family of 336 Healers. This project was designed to harmonize one’s energetic centers and facilitate body, mind, and soul healing. When we work collectively to heal ourselves, we can heal the planet.

The male and female Guardians and their correlating Healer families are inspired by the energies of 18 different chakras. Each piece is paired with a soundtrack of healing tones (scientifically proven to heal DNA, heal trauma, and enhance emotional well-being). Guided meditations are provided for each chakra, infusing the listener with eternal truths and wisdom. Every Guardian and Healer in the collection radiates the power of universal love and harmony.

This extraordinary offering takes us far and beyond the typical NFT space into a sacred mission of self-empowerment. It is an offering of health and peace for the individual, the community, and the entire planet.

Join in this remarkable journey of unity and inspiration, and together we can lift the world.