Sound Healing

How does the music heal you?

Dating back to the 11th century, the healing frequencies of ancient solfeggio tones were created to heal the human body, mind, and soul. Based on the olden Gregorian chants, these  scales were believed to be sacred. Used as spiritual blessings, meditations, and tools for soothing the human psyche - each frequency offers a solution to energetic blockages. This NFT project consists of 18, custom-composed soundtracks, each containing a blend of the  healing solfeggio tones. These custom-made 18 soundtracks will correspond to the 18 chakras. 


174 Hz - Relieving Pain & Tension: This frequency relieves a person from tension and pain. When one is listening to this type of music, they will observe their breath gradually slowing down, making them very relaxed as they drift off to quiet meditation. Healing frequencies will relax the muscles, thereby alleviating tension or pain.

285 Hz - Safety & Survival: This is a frequency linked to the root Muladhara or Chakra. It is the body’s most fundamental and primal energy center at the base of a person’s spine. The Chakra regulates all the energy relating to safety, survival, and instinct.

396 Hz - Releasing Fear, Worry, Anxiety, & Guilt: When listening to the frequency, the feelings of fear and guilt are released and cleansed. It helps remove subconscious worries and anxiety. While also removing subconscious negative beliefs that block your path to achieving personal goals.

417 Hz - Releasing Negativity & Past Trauma: This tone releases negativity and all past trauma. One will experience relief because the negative experiences and influences from the past slowly leave their consciousness. It is linked to the solar plexus chakra and the color yellow.

528 Hz - Clarity, Peace, & DNA Healing: It is a miracle tone or the love frequencies which have been claimed to heal the DNA and also cleanses an individual from any diseases and sickness. Healing impact is amplified through toning and meditation.

639 Hz - Healing Relationships: It is a frequency with an ability to reconnect because it allows one to meditate on themselves, their life, and those of the people they value and love. It also promotes communication, love, understanding, and brings harmony into interpersonal relationships.

741 Hz - Problem-Solving & Emotional Stability: It allows the mind to expand, filling it with various solutions and new ways for self-expression. It unwinds a person’s worries and troubles, allowing one to think freely. It creates room for a healthier and stable emotional position and time for more profound intuition.

852 Hz - Harmony Internally & With the Universe: Use the 852 Hz solfeggio frequencies so that you can heighten your intuitions and strengthen your alignment with spiritual orders. You can connect with an omnipresent spirit in the universes and bring back harmony to yourself. 

963 Hz - Create Room for Oneness & Unity: It awakens your interactions with oneness and interconnectedness with the universes. You will receive pure and bright visions, along with a clearer state of mind. It is associated with awakening intuition and activating Pineal Gland. called 'The Pure Miracle Tone.'

9Hz, 99Hz, 999 Hz - The Infinite Healing Golden Wave: Vibration of 5-Dimension FrequencyㅣPositive Energy completely freed.

Listening to these on a regular basis helps calm and heal your body mind and soul:

Earth Star - Chakra 1 Healing Tones:

Root - Chakra 2 Healing Tones:

Sacral - Chakra 3 Healing Tones:

Solar Plexus - Chakra 4 Healing Tones:

Heart - Chakra 5 Healing Tones:

Throat - Chakra 6 Healing Tones:

Third Eye - Chakra 7 Healing Tones:

Crown - Chakra 8 Healing Tones:

Soul Star - Chakra 9 Healing Tones:

Spirit - Chakra 10 Healing Tones:

Universal - Chakra 11 Healing Tones:

Galactic - Chakra 12 Healing Tones:

Cosmic - Chakra 13 Healing Tones:

Karmic - Chakra 14 Healing Tones:

Astral - Chakra 15 Healing Tones:

Causal - Chakra 16 Healing Tones:

Grace - Chakra 17 Healing Tones:

Source - Chakra 18 Healing Tones:

The Science

Through research on the rate of UV light absorption in a strand of DNA, it was discovered that each frequency positively affected the body, resulting in a resonance that profoundly improved one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. From anxiety, to sleep relief, to repairing DNA cells - Each tone serves its own purpose in connecting your subconscious mind with the universe's energy. In 1952, Winfried Otto Schumann (a German Physicist studying electromagnetic resonances between the earth’s crust and ionosphere) discovered the charge within the earth that ranged from 7.86 Hz to 8 Hz.

He poetically stated that this frequency was the essence of the Earth’s heartbeat. This research was later compared to human brain wave activity (delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma) and discovered to permeate the body’s cells on a molecular level. The positive effects are linked to Schumann’s research on resonance because each solfeggio tone is derived from the 8Hz of the Earth’s heartbeat. Moving up the musical scale through each octave, notes like C vibrate at 256 Hz, and A progresses to 432 Hz. These are the musical notes we all know and love (Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do), broken down into a pattern that sync’s with the earth’s music.

We found this concept to be deeply raw and profoundly beautiful. Through the collection of this evidence, it was confirmed that each resonance provides synchronization for higher cognitive functions, improved physical health, and even possibly a greater connection to the source of our world, and therefore, enlightenment itself.

This project is a full-body experience of healing that is immersive, sacred, and powerful.