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Guardian of the Third Eye Chakra

The Guardian of the Third Eye Chakra resides in the indigo spectrum between Earth and the stratosphere. She floats amid the vastness of dreams and imagination. Her ethereal nature reminds us that we are ever connected to the great beyond. By focusing on our light within, we bridge all thoughts with divine truth. We reunite with eternal wisdom. 

Her essence inspires us to align with our highest selves. To reach inside and touch the core of creation. Through inner sight, we can see past the clouds of illusion to the marvel of our being. By trusting our innate power, we open the gates of our intuition, allowing the flower of our mind’s eye to bloom.

This Guardian invites us to play in the realm of aspirations. To drink in all that is possible and recognize our own brilliance. When our eyes are aglow with awareness, we move through life with bliss. When we view the world with pure knowing, we can help illuminate the splendor in others.