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Guardian of the Spirit Chakra

The Guardians of the Spirit Chakra were born from liquid sky. Like a shimmering sea maid with her graceful consort, they move through aquamarine space, sharing their gifts with all. They remind us to share our gifts too. To inspire others with our talents and abilities. To teach by example, patience, and unwavering love. When we offer our wisdom with open hearts, we help lift the spirits of those around us.  

These Guardians sing us ballads of memories. Their serene voices encourage us to remember and appreciate our histories. Everything we have experienced, big or small, is important. Every lesson, another layer of understanding. We have all accumulated oceans of knowledge and mountains of accomplishments. By recognizing the beauty of our journeys, we move ahead with greater peace and tranquility.

They invite us to dive into our passions. Submerge in all that moves us, thrills us, and brings us joy. Infusing our creations with heartfelt emotion propels us to newfound depths. We enter the gates of mastery to realms of ultimate fulfillment. Then we can help stir the mastery in others. We can help nourish the brilliance of humanity.