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Guardian of the Source Chakra

The Guardians of the Source Chakra exist in the infinite realms of truth. With powerful wings, they soar through skies of rainbow light offering their love to all. Their open hearts and pure vibrancies inspire us to recognize our immeasurable beauty and timeless existence.      

Like Pegasi soaring beyond the cosmos, they remind us that creation knows no bounds. It is unconstrained by time and space. Undefined by simple reason. We are infinite souls in the vastness of eternal life. Our love is endless, and our light connects with others in a glorious, unified breath. 

These Guardians’ brilliant essence encourages us to appreciate the magnitude of our being. To go within and embrace our connection to the divine. When we acknowledge our oneness with all that is, we purge every doubt and merge with truth. We take comfort in our unity and find perfect peace.