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Guardian of the Root Chakra

From cosmic chaos into awareness, the Guardians of the Root Chakra arrived as planetary caretakers, eternal bearers and sustainers. With the drumming of life on earth, they stretched their arms across the lands, reaching over the mountains and valleys, under the vast waters, and finally into the dark places where we learned to make fire.

They remind us of our own inner strength and firm foundations, our roots of survival, and our ability to shed fear and worry. Like a warm embrace, their energies invite us to be our truest selves. To walk our paths without doubt or hesitation. We are fully grounded in support. Nurtured by every blade of grass and igneous stone. Every flowering meadow and moss-kissed forest. Sustenance and remedies blossom around us. Restoration is ours.

Their messages hearten us to claim our inner power. When we become compassionate warriors, we blaze through life with grace. No more doubt or hesitation in moving ahead. Only a firm resolve. Rooted in this evergreen wisdom, we can enjoy all of life’s abundance and continual creations.