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Guardian of The Heart Chakra

With the first breaths of life, the Guardians of the Heart Chakra were born. They unfurled their wings and soared over the planet, spreading unconditional love. Like a soft breeze, their whispers inspire us to be gentle with ourselves and others. Opening our hearts opens the gates to healing. Through compassion and forgiveness, we can bridge great divides.  

Their messages invite us to seek the profound beauty within. We have all the power we need to transform every emotion and every experience into joy. By focusing on our heart centers, we can purify the past, present, and future. When we open to the many delights around us—the laughter of a friend or the tender murmurings of a lover—we remember that life is sweet and relationships are the grandest treasures. 

Like rustlings through an evergreen forest, they stir our desire for inner peace and encourage feelings of gratitude. Their divine messages remind us that we are exquisite beings connected to one another. When we love ourselves and others, we honor our true nature.