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Guardian of the Galactic Chakra

The Guardian of the Galactic Chakra was born from a burst of silver and gold cascading over the cosmos. Nurtured by the brightest sun, she soars through the skies like a shimmering dragonfly. Her travels take her far and wide through the galaxy where she absorbs and emits celestial light. Her intense vibrancy acts as a reminder for us to soar our inner cosmos—that radiant vastness within.  

This winged traveler encourages us to set ourselves free from limited thoughts. To wield our inner power and raise our vibrations to new heights. When our frequencies are lifted, our lives change. Love and wisdom beam from our core. Positivity and courage emanate from us. Our wishes spark into reality. When we liberate our truth, we become an inspiration for others to find their own magnificence.  

Like a starry family, we can shine together for the greater good. Through our connections with one another, we bring balance and healing to ourselves and humanity. Through our inner journeys, we discover an eternal universe; we touch the brilliance of creation and the timelessness of the soul.