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Guardian of the Crown Chakra

The Guardian of the Crown Chakra glides through the far reaches of the atmosphere where Gaia kisses the cosmos. In perfect balance, her energies are shared between the physical and ethereal realms. She reminds us that we, too, are connected to both. We live in a world of matter, but we are forever linked to the greater beyond.

She inspires us to reach inside and align with our deepest truth. When we are centered in inner wisdom, we find purpose, fulfillment, and positivity in our lives. Our interactions serve the highest good. Our intuition guides us with clarity and devotion. We transcend all limitations to meet our utmost potential.

Her healing vibrance invites us to cherish our light. When we open our inner doors, we unite with unconditional love and self-realization. We touch the oneness of all. By honoring our universal connectedness, we raise our frequencies to new heights. Our radiance inspires others until all of our precious lights shine like sun rays across the planet.