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Guardian of the Cosmic Gateway

Born from ethereal waves of luminosity, the Guardians of the Cosmic Gateway Chakra brighten the universe like shimmering constellations. They glide through spiral galaxies and stellar doorways spreading their goodwill like jewels across the cosmos. Their mesmeric beauty stirs us, helps us remember our intense sparkle within.

With the softness of doves, they inspire peace and tenderness within ourselves and others. By taking the time to immerse ourselves in gratitude and quietude, we find our breath again, reconnect with our inner calm, and generate deep healing. We are able to filter and harmonize energies around us and emit pure love to others.

Their messages of cosmic grace and profound serenity encourage introspection at the highest levels. When we go within and allow our vibrations to ascend, our inner vision deepens, and we witness the immensity of creation. With crystal perception, we soar through life with our eyes and hearts opened. We find bliss in the radiance of our inner light, and we recognize the radiance in every other being.