The Guardian of the Sacral Chakra was born from the waters of pure creation. She embodies the moon in all its serenity, the rising sun, and waves of excitement. She reminds us that we are both bold and calm. Spontaneous and patient. We are the subtle glow of a night sky and the vibrant light of a new spring day. Her nature encourages self-nurturance and setting healthy boundaries. She invites us to embrace and balance our emotions. To express ourselves freely. 


Her divine message is a gentle nudge to savor life’s sweetness. To taste the nectar of the present moment. Through our powers of creativity, we can pursue every dream with enthusiasm. Life is an exploration of possibilities. An adventure of the senses. When we create from a place of pleasure, we connect to our deepest wishes.


She inspires us to paint our lives with joy. To dive into the pure waters of conception where we discover our greatest gifts and bring life to our passions. When we liberate our desires, we share the fruits of our greatest imaginings with all the world. 

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