The Guardian of the Soul Star Chakra lives at the edge of the causal plane. She journeys across the night sky catching tiny moonlets and flyaway stars. With perfect grace, she navigates through the realms of time and space, carefully recording the histories of the planets. She reminds us of the vastness of life and all of creation.

Her healing message encourages us to recognize the beauty of every experience, lesson, and relationship. We are the culmination of the past and promise of the future. We are pure potential, capable of transforming our lives into our greatest dreams. When we tap into our inner awareness, we find a kaleidoscope of options. Endless opportunities sparkling with light.

This healer inspires us to find our wings and soar free. By honoring our eternal luminescence, we connect with our authentic selves. Through faith and clear intentions, we create the best outcomes. All of our choices align with joy, and we transcend our egos and engage with love. When our path is glittered with abundant peace and harmony, we leave behind a trail of hope for others.

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